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Mission Lane Visa® Credit Card with Petal® 1 “Annual Fee The 'free' Visa® credit card serves consumers who need to build or rebuild credit. Besides that, there are some differences. Unlike Mission Lane Visa, Petal 1 has a limited cash back program and no annual fee. However, neither card offers a welcome bonus and neither discounts the many benefits people usually associate with unsecured credit cards.

See a detailed comparison of the two cards below to help you decide which card is which.

Main details

Mission Lane Visa credit card One ​​Petal “no annual fee” Visa credit card
Welcome Bonus N/A N/A
Reward rate N/A N/A — However, 2% to 10% cash back on select merchant offers
Introductory APR N/A N/A
Normal APR 26.99% to 29.99% (variable) 23.74% to 33.24% (variable)
Annual fee $0 to $59 $0

Mission Lane Visa vs. Petal 1 Highlights

Welcome Bonus Winner: Ties

Mission Lane Visa and Petal 1 are tied in this category because neither card offers a welcome bonus.

Reward Rate Winner: Petal 1

While Petal 1 does not offer a traditional rewards program, we do have a cashback program called Petal Perks. These offers will automatically load into your Petal 1 account. Earn cash back on every qualifying purchase. The cash back you get on shopping at select merchants varies from 2% to 10%.

Petal 1 wins in this category because the Mission Lane visa has no perks.

Annual Fee Winner: Petal 1

The Mission Lane Visa includes an annual fee ranging from $0 to $59, while the Petal 1 has no annual fee.

Foreign Transaction Fee Winner: Petal 1

Mission Lane Visa has a 3% foreign transaction fee, but Petal 1 does not charge a fee for foreign transactions. This means Petal 1 is the best card to use abroad. Still, remember to always pay in your local currency to avoid dynamic currency conversion fees.

Which card earns the most money?

Mission Lane Visa offers none of the traditional cashback programs The answer to this question is easy, because you haven't. Enrollment is automatic and you can earn cashback simply by using her Petal 1 card at merchants and fulfilling offer details.

Petal 1's cashback program is a useful feature, but there's no way to predict if it will work for you. It all depends on your shopping habits.Also, the offers you receive will vary and may vary by location.

Why should I get a Mission Lane visa?

If you want to focus completely on rebuilding your credit and you want to pay more for rewards and traditional credit cards If you don't mind most of the perks, it's worth getting the Mission Lane visa. Always pay your credit card bills in full as you don't want to pay a variable annual rate of 26.99% to 29.99%.

Other Other Perks

  • Qualifiers. You can verify your eligibility by completing a short online form from the Mission Lane home page. Checking card eligibility is a soft credit inquiry (or soft pull). This helps avoid harsh credit checks (or hard pulls) associated with card applications that can temporarily lower your credit score.
  • Aim to increase credit limits. Mission Lane monitors your payment history and may automatically increase your credit limit after 6 months of proper card usage.
  • Free access to your credit score. You can always access your credit score and access credit building education.
  • No annual fee. Depending on your creditworthiness, Mission Lane may offer a Mission Lane Visa with no annual fee.
  • Report to all three major stations. Mission Lane reports to all three of his major credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. This may increase your chances of getting a loan or other credit card approval in the future.
  • Zero liability for fraud. You are not responsible for fraudulent charges resulting from lost or stolen cards.

Redemption Options

Since the Mission Lane Visa does not offer a rewards program, there are no redemption options.

Recommended Credit Score

The recommended credit score for the Mission Lane Visa is from Poor to Fair (300 to 669).

Why Get Petal 1

Petal 1 Visa operates on the assumption that your credit score “doesn't tell the whole story.” So even with a low FICO score, Petal 1 may look at your banking history to assess your true creditworthiness. As a result, consumers with thin or no credit files may still be approved for this unsecured credit card.

You may still be prequalified for Petal® 2. Cash back, no fees” Visa® credit card. Depending on your credit rating, you may be able to get Petal 2 instead of Petal 1, which has a traditional cashback program.

Other Benefits

  • Exclusive Cashback Program. Petal 1's Petal Perks program allows you to earn 2% to 10% cash back when you shop at select merchants.
  • Petal's Leap Program. Petal 1 will increase your credit limit after six months if you make timely payments and stay within a certain credit score range.
  • Free access to your credit score. Petal pulls your credit score from Experian once a month.
  • Car rental collision and theft protection. This is a valuable benefit of your Visa credit card that will cover you if your rental car is stolen or damaged in an accident.
  • Visa Local offer from Visa and Uber. Automatically earn Uber credit when you use your card at over 1,000 featured merchants, including restaurants, retailers and coffee shops. Simply add your Petal 1 card to your Uber account.

Redemption Options

Cash Back earned through Merchant Offers can be redeemed in your Cash Back Wallet. With $20 or more, you can redeem your cash back in the form of a statement credit of any amount or in the form of a check or ACH transfer to your bank account.

Recommended Credit Score

Recommended Credit Score

No credit history is required to apply for the Petal 1 card.


Apart from getting a secure credit card, consumers with poor credit usually have limited options for unsecured cards. Both the Mission Lane Visa credit card and the Petal 1 “no annual fee” Visa credit card are unsecured cards that help you build or rebuild your credit. This will help you make an informed decision before applying. That said, the no annual fee Petal 1 card offers traditional credit card benefits and cash back earning opportunities not offered by Mission Lane Visa.