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Most people benefit from setting up an emergency fund can be obtained. Once you have a savings cushion in the bank, you can use it to cover last minute car repairs, unexpected medical bills, or temporary periods of unemployment.

However, not everyone has enough extra cash to deposit the recommended three to six months' worth of her living expenses into a high-yield savings account. If you're building a career, paying off debt, or working on another major financial goal like owning a home, securing emergency funds may not be your top priority.

What if you have an emergency but don't have emergency funds? . Putting emergency expenses on her 0% first-year APR card gives her the opportunity to pay off unexpected charges over time — without having to pay interest.

That said, many personal finance experts do not recommend this strategy. “In general, you shouldn't rely on credit cards for emergency payments,” says Andrea Woroch, a savings expert who provides budget advice to busy mothers. “But the reality is that for many people, if they are short on savings, a 0% first APR card to avoid high interest rates may be the best option.”

How to use an interest-free credit card to cover emergency expenses without turning unexpected expenses into unnecessary debt and quickly build an emergency fund so you don't have to rely on credit I asked Woroch how to do it.

When is that?

If you have experience using credit responsibly, you may be able to take on the challenge of using a 0% introductory APR card for emergency funding.

“If you're in a tight financial situation and struggling to make ends meet, a 0% p.a. says Woroch. “But this can snowball and put you in a worse position, so you have to manage it wisely.”

Some people say 0% adoption You may be able to repay your emergency bill in full before the APR period ends, covering your emergency without paying unnecessary interest. Some people are unable to pay off their balances before the end of the zero-interest introductory period, leaving them unable to pay their hefty credit card bills at high interest rates.

If you use the 0% Introductory APR Card for emergency funding, please ensure that you have a plan to pay off any outstanding balances in full before the 0% Introductory APR period ends. “A zero percent annual card is probably not an absolute financial issue,” says Woroch. “But for most consumers, it can provide a lot of financial relief.”

Using credit in an emergency When is a bad idea?

Not sure if you can pay off your credit card bill Overall, sometimes you don't want to use a 0% first year APR card to cover emergency expenses. I have.

Luckily, there are other options. For example, instead of crediting unexpected medical expenses, consider negotiating a monthly payment plan with your healthcare provider. You can also consider taking out a personal loan, especially if you can secure a low-interest personal loan with good credit and affordable monthly payments.

There is another reason to avoid using credits in an emergency. It has to do with whether your credit card application is accepted. “A good 0% annual interest card should have at least enough credit,” he says. “Interest-free credit cards are not a good option if you are not eligible to begin with.”

Some people may want to apply for multiple interest-free cards and hope to do so. At least one of them is acceptable, but this strategy is also a bad idea. Each time you apply for a new line of credit, a strict credit check appears on your credit report. Taking too many tough credit checks in a short period of time can lower your credit score and prevent future applications from being accepted.

“Don't apply for too many credit cards at once. It can backfire and further lower your credit score, especially if you're declined by multiple card issuers,” he said. Woroch says.

0 for emergency fund % Introduction How do you choose an APR card?

If you're thinking of applying for a 0% first-year APR card to cover emergency expenses, use tools like Bankrate's CardMatch™ to compare offers. CardMatch also helps you get pre-approved before you apply, giving you the chance to get a new line of credit without worrying about your application being rejected.

0% Adoption In addition to APR, we also offer credit card rewards for your most frequent purchases. “I recommend using the CardMatch tool to find a credit card that fits your spending style. And if you spend a certain amount in the first few months of opening an account, you can get great deals, such as free money. We also offer a sign-up bonus,” he says Woroch.

While some people prefer a travel credit card or a retail credit card, Woroch considers the best cash back credit cards today, and offers cash back rewards now or in the future. We recommend that you prepare for emergencies. “Cashback rewards can help you grow your savings,” says Woroch.

How can I quickly build an emergency fund? ?

If you want to build up your emergency fund as quickly as possible, you have options. “Even if you're in debt and on a tight budget, there are many ways to set aside emergency funds,” says Wolloch.

Start by observing where your money is going. “You may be wasting money on your monthly bill without realizing it,” says Woroch. , you can set aside a little extra cash each month and put that money directly into your emergency fund.

Then start looking. How to make more money. “Having more income and increasing cash flow is just as important,” Warlock says. Whether you start a side business or start looking for a new job, see if you can improve the amount of money coming in.

Finally, use a tool such as a balance transfer credit card to see if you can reduce your monthly credit card bill and pay off your debt faster. “Debt payments are a necessary part of your monthly budget,” Warlock says. “But with a balance transfer card, you can reduce your monthly payments without incurring interest and still have more time to pay off your debt.

Bottom line

If you don't have emergency funds, you can use a 0% interest credit card to cover your emergency expenses. increase. Expires. Otherwise, you may end up paying high interest on your outstanding balance.

You can also focus on spending less, making more money, or building an emergency fund as quickly as possible with a balance transfer credit card. Pay off outstanding debts. That way, you can get the cash you need before an emergency hits.