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There are many reasons to choose a business credit card, and The benefits go far beyond the rewards you can earn. Having a business credit card makes it much easier to segregate business expenses for tax purposes. The best business cards also come with cardholder benefits like extended warranties and car rental coverage.

Business cards can also be a valuable financial tool if your business' income fluctuates or cash flow is sometimes tight. For example, if you are waiting to pay a large bill from a client or vendor, a business credit card can cover the bill and expenses while you wait for payment. In addition, some business cards also offer a free employee card so employees can easily make business purchases and get rewarded for all their business spending.

Luckily, there are plenty of cards with no annual fees.Business credit cards that allow you to enjoy the benefits of having a business card without having to pay for perks. The best no annual fee business credit cards not only offer perks, many also come with his APR referral perks.

American Express Blue Business Cash™ Card: Business Startups Best for

Known as one of the best business credit cards for startups, the American Express Blue Business Cash™ Card makes it easy to earn high flat rewards on every dollar spent. Cardholders can earn 2% cash back on the first $50,000 spent on qualifying purchases each year, and 1% cash back thereafter. There is no annual fee and you get 0% introductory APR on your purchase for 12 months, followed by a variable APR rate of 17.49% to 25.49%.

Cardholder benefits you should be aware of include: Extended warranties, purchase protection against damage or theft, dispute resolution, access to Amex offers, and more.

American Express Blue Business® Plus Credit Card: Perfect for business rewards with no annual fee

The Blue Business® Plus credit card from American Express is a cash back enabled credit card, except you earn double Amex Membership Rewards points on your first $50,000 spend, and double points thereafter. works similarly to Unlike cashback, points earned through the American Express Membership Rewards program can be redeemed for a variety of options, including merchandise, gift cards, travel via, and money transfers to Amex's airline and hotel partners. The card has no annual fee but, like the Blue Business Cash card, there is a 0% referral APR on purchases over a 12-month period, followed by a variable APR rate of 17.49% to 25.49%. increase.

The card also comes with extended warranty, purchase protection against damage and theft, dispute resolution, access to Amex offers and additional cardholder benefits.

Ink Business Unlimited® credit card: Great for welcome bonuses

The Ink Business Unlimited® credit card's reward rate isn't the highest available on a flat rate business loyalty card, but it's still affordable with 1.5 percent back for every dollar spent. On the other hand, the card currently offers one of the most affordable sign-up bonuses of any no-annual-fee business card. $900 bonus cash back when you spend $6,000 within 3 months of account opening. This equates to spending $2,000 per month for three consecutive months.

This card comes with a referral APR of 0% on purchases for 12 months, followed by a variable APR of 16.99% to 22.99%. Also, if you rent a car for business purposes, fraud protection, purchase protection against damage or theft, extended warranty, travel and emergency assistance services, you may be eligible for the Auto Rental Collision Damage Principal Exemption.

Ink Business Cash® Credit Card: Great for Business Purchases

The Ink Business Cash® Credit Card is another top business credit card with no annual fee and offers great value in certain business-related categories. We offer tiered reward rates to help you cash out when spending As a cardholder, he gets 5% back (and then he gets 1% back) on spending up to $25,000 in combined office supply store and Internet, cable and phone service purchases. Combined with gas station and restaurant purchases, he gets 1% back for each anniversary year (after which he gets 1% back) on other purchases. Also, if you spend $6,000 on your card within 3 months of account opening, you'll be eligible for the same generous bonus offer of $900 in cash back.

These rates do not include an annual fee. Incredibly generous with free cards. Cardholders who pay with the card's boosted category have the opportunity to earn more cash back than with a flat rate card.

This credit card also comes with a wealth of benefits such as Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver for Business Rentals, Extended Warranty, Purchase Protection, Travel and Emergency Assistance Services, and Fraud Protection. A new cardholder can save money with his 0% introductory APR for 12 months of purchase and thereafter his variable APR from 16.99% to 22.99%.

Capital on tap Business Credit Card: Great for Large Consumers

The Capital on Tap Business Credit Card is a flat rate cashback card that lets you earn unlimited 1.5% on your purchases. Average Credit Limit: A business owner with excellent credit will receive up to $50,000 of available credit and a very low rate compared to other card offers, he's 9.99% of her normal APR You can profit from the opportunity.

The card's welcome offer is also one of the highest available for a no annual fee business card. In the first 3 months of the card membership he spends $15,000 and gets $200 cash back. However, this is a very high spending requirement, so this card is ideal for small business owners who plan to make large purchases or have high ongoing business expenses.

Unfortunately, the APR for this card can climb to a staggering 34.99%, potentially bad for cardholders with good and poor credit who are unlikely to qualify for a low-end APR It's a choice.It also doesn't have an introductory APR for balance transfers and purchases, a feature found on other cards that helps you avoid 12+ months of interest.

Despite its shortcomings, the Capital on Tap business card is perfect for business owners who value simplicity and spend a lot of money. You can apply without affecting your credit score, and there are no foreign transaction fees, cash advance fees, or refund fees. Complimentary employee cards are also available. As a Visa Corporate Card, Capital on Tap includes collision damage waivers for car rentals, travel and emergency assistance.

How to choose the best no annual fee business card for you

If you only compare no annual fee business credit cards, you can expect modest perks. Our no annual fee business credit cards offer great reward rates and bonus offers, but if you're willing to explore all the top business credit card offers on the market today, we've got you covered with luxury travel benefits. Take advantage of new benefits including:

That said, there are many factors to compare before deciding on a business card. For example, there are elements like:

Reward rate

You should compare cards based on their reward rate for daily business spending. If your business spends more at gas stations and office supply stores than at restaurants and home improvement stores, then you should consider a card that offers higher reward rates in those categories. If so, using a flat-fee business credit card may be more advantageous.

Bonus Offers

Also, keep in mind that the best credit card offers change over time, compare bonus offers across business credit cards. Please give me. Ideally, you can get a business credit card that offers generous bonuses with minimum spending requirements that you can easily meet. If you need to spend $7,500 in 3 months to earn, you need to make sure you can spend at least $2,500 each month on regular business expenses for 3 consecutive months.

Introductory APR Offers

The best no annual fee business credit cards also tend to waive interest on purchases for a period of time. By avoiding interest for a year or more, you can pay off the balance of your business gradually while saving money, so based on whether you keep the balance in the first year and whether you keep the variables, these Offers should be compared.

Cardholder Benefits

Also consider the cardholder benefits you receive, whether they include car rental insurance, extensions or not. Guarantees, roadside dispatch, or purchase protection for goods purchased with the card. You may think you're not going to take advantage of your credit card's perks, but the perks you get with your card can come in handy when you least expect it.


With a business credit no annual fee card, you can enjoy plastic benefits without spending more than $100 each year. However, you shouldn't settle for new cards before you know what's out there. The best credit card for your business may be one you've never heard of before. Research and compare all options before signing up.