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No matter what kind of business you have, the possibilities are industry-specific There is a business credit card that meets the needs of Still, every business owner runs their company differently, so you may need to do a little research to find the best business card for your unique spending habits. And if fuel purchases weren't perks, you might not need a traditional travel card.

It's easy to find business cards that offer perks and rewards for travel-related expenses such as flights, hotels, and car rentals. In fact, the best business cards often focus on travel value. However, it can be difficult to find a credit card with the right mix of perks and bonus categories, including other common business costs such as:

  • Shipping
  • Advertising
  • Telecommunications (such as internet and phone services)
  • Office supplies
  • Rent and utilities
  • Business consulting services (accounting, payroll, insurance, public relations, etc.)

To find the right choice for your needs, Check out our curated list of the best credit cards for these everyday business expenses.

Perfect for business expenses Compare Credit Cards

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  • Eligible gas and EV charging stations , office supply stores, mobile phone service providers and restaurants with 3% cash back
  • 1% cash back on all other purchases
Card Name Optimal Reward Rate< /th>

Annual Fee
Ink Business Cash® Credit Card Office Supply Store
  • 5% cash back on your first $25,000 each year (1% back thereafter) for office supply store plus internet, cable and phone service purchases
  • >2% cash back on first $25,000 combined gas station and restaurant purchases each year (1% back thereafter)
  • 1% cash back on all other purchases
Business Platinum Card® from American Express Business Travel
  • 5x Points on flights and prepaid hotels booked through the American Express Travel Portal
  • Double Points on purchases on American Express Travel Portal
  • For purchases over $5,000, construction materials and hardware supplies, carrier purchases, select 1.5x points on purchases from technology retailers (electronics, software and cloud service providers). Up to $2M per calendar year, then 1X Points
  • 1X Points on all other purchases
Bank of America® Business Advantage Customized Cash Rewards Mastercard® Credit Cards Various Categories
  • 3% back on selected category purchases (including travel, office supply stores, gas stations, computer services, telecommunications and wireless services)
  • 2% back on dining
  • More 1% back on all purchases
  • (3% and 2% category purchases share a combined $50,000 annual spending limit, then earn 1% back)
US Bank Triple Cash Rewards Visa® Business Card Company Driver
  • 5% cash back on prepaid hotel stays and car rentals through the U.S. Bank Travel Rewards Center
Ink Business Premier℠ Credit Card Startup and Big Spend
  • 5% Cash Back on Travel Through the Chase Ultimate Rewards Portal
  • 2.5 On Purchases of $5,000 or More % Cash Back
  • 2% Cash Back on all other purchases
Capital One Spark Cash Plus General Expenses
  • 5% Cash Back on Hotel Stays and Car Rentals with Capital One Travel Portal
  • Everything 2% Cash Back On Your Purchase
Capital On Tap Business Credit Card Online Business
  • 1.5% Reward On Every Purchase
Huntington Voice Business Credit Card℠ Rent and Utilities
  • Quarterly with any purchase in any of the 4 10 categories % Cash Back on your first $7,000 (1% thereafter):
    • Gas Stations
    • Travel & Entertainment
    • Restaurant
    • Discount Stores & Warehouses
    • Groceries
    • Utility and office supply stores
    • Electronics, computer and camera stores
    • Department stores, apparel and sporting goods Stores
    • Home Depot
    • Auto Parts and Service Store
  • 1% Cash Back on all other purchases
American Express® Business Gold Card Airfare Awards <
  • 4x points on domestic purchases from the 2 selected categories your business spends most (up to $150,000 annually, then 1x points thereafter):
    • From airlines Purchased airfare
    • Online, TV and radio advertising
    • Computer hardware, software and cloud solutions from technology providers
    • Gas stations
    • Restaurant (including eligible delivery services)
    • Delivery
  • Double Points on purchases on American Express Travel Portals
  • >

  • 1x Points on all other purchases
  • $295

    Ink Business Cash® Credit Cards: Best Stores for Office Supplies

    Why We Picked You: Office supply stores are a major one-stop shop for businesses, so these retailers 5% cash back means big savings on a wide range of key purchases, from technology and supplies to services like printing and shipping. In addition, the Ink Business Cash credit card also gives you 5% back on internet, phone and cable service and 2% back on gas and food.

    These valuable categories will help you


    • office supply store, internet, cable, phone We offer one of the highest reward rates available on the service.
    • Combine with the Chase Ultimate Rewards card for flexible redemption options, including the ability to increase the value of your Chase rewards and transfer partner trips.
    • Offers ample savings with 0% introductory APR at time of purchase (16.24% to 22.24% fluctuation thereafter) and no annual fees to worry about.


    • High spenders have a $25,000 annual spending limit for the 5% category and a $25,000 annual spending limit for the 2% category. You may find that your rewards are being held back by a limit (1% back after that).
    • His 5% category on this card offers excellent reward opportunities, but is usually not the biggest business expense, so it may not be the most lucrative.
    • This card is not suitable for international business travel.

    Audience: Business owners who spend a lot of money on office supplies, internet and telecommunications services, especially those who want to trade travel and have a Chase Ultimate Rewards card like the Ink Business Preferred® credit card. increase.

    Who to Skip: Big spenders who need more than $50,000 annually on office equipment, telecommunications services, gas, and food. If you're a digital business owner or other cardholder and your spending doesn't fall into these categories, we encourage you to consider another card.

    American Express Business Platinum Card®: Great for business travel

    Why I chose it: The American Express Business Platinum Card is best known for its top travel benefits and 5x points on flights and prepaid hotels (2x points on other Amex Travel bookings) through the American Express Travel Portal. I'm here.

    However, US suppliers of construction materials and hardware, retailers of electronic products, shippers, providers of software and cloud systems, and large purchases of $5,000 or more (all sharing $2 a year $1 million spent, then 1X points). Additionally, up to $1,030 in annual credits will be used to purchase Dell, Indeed recruitment and recruitment, Adobe products, and US mobile phone providers.


    • Offers perhaps the best travel benefits and annual credits of any business card on the market.
    • Features like his 35% bonus point value increase on airfare redemptions, comprehensive airport lounge access, and hundreds of dollars in flight-related credit per year are frequent business Perfect for those who use fryers.
    • Offers flexible spending limits for large purchases.


    • The $695 annual fee is one of the highest in the credit card market, and several major It's hard to justify not being able to take advantage of great travel rewards and business credits.
    • If your business doesn't require you to travel frequently, your reward rate won't be particularly strong against your day-to-day business expenses.
    • Many of its benefits can be difficult to use based on business needs. Especially if possible'' Frequent business travelers who prefer to be A business owner who can take advantage of the card's 1.5x reward rate and annual business credit can also justify an annual fee.

      People to skipIf you don't take advantage of most of the card's special perks, don't fly often, or don't want to book travel with American Express, you probably won't find it worth the annual fee. You wouldn't.

      Bank of America® Business Advantage Customized Cash Rewards Mastercard® credit card: great for category diversity

      Why we chose it: Bank of America Business Advantage Customized Cash Rewards Mastercard credit cards offer perhaps the most flexible business card when it comes to stacking rewards for a variety of business expenses. Earn 2% cash back on meals, 3% cash back in any of 6 categories: Gas Stations, Office Supplies, Travel, Computer Services, Business Consulting Services, Television, Telecommunications, Wireless Services.

      These categories cover more merchants than cards in similar categories, and may be replaced once a month instead of quarterly, more frequently than other select card categories. You can even.


      • This can probably be some of the biggest costs of doing business, and usually The perfect card for professional consulting services not covered by the bonus category. Its business consulting category also includes public relations, legal services, accounting and tax preparation.
      • The Preferred Rewards Program for Business allows you to increase your rewards rate by up to 75% if you have enough savings. Add some of the best reward rates available at your expense.
      • There are no annual fees that eat into your rewards. Also no interest payments thanks to his 0% introductory APR on this card for the first 9 billing cycle purchases (15.24% to 25.24% fluctuation since then).


      • The 3% and 2% categories have a spending cap of $50,000 per year and only two bonus categories are active at a time.
      • It may not be the best option for start-ups and young entrepreneurs, as you will likely need a good credit score to get the best approval odds.
      • This card charges a 3% foreign transaction fee. This effectively negates any rewards that may be earned in that travel category when used internationally.

      Who Should Apply : Business owners who have frequent dinners and incur various monthly office and travel expenses — especially the Preferred Rewards Rate Boost Have at least $20,000 in a qualifying Bank of America savings account.

      It's one of the few cards that rewards business consulting and other expensive key services, so this card might be worth it as a second card specifically for those expenses as well. .

      Who should skip: Businesses that don't have a Bank of America bank account and earn more rewards from cards that have multiple bonus categories at once owner. If your expenses do not fit into the Business Advantage Customized Cash card category, the flat rate Bank of America® Business Advantage Unlimited Cash Rewards Mastercard® credit card may be a better option.

      U.S. Bank Triple Cash Rewards Visa® Business Card: Great for Corporate Drivers

      Why I chose this card: The U.S. Bank Triple Cash Rewards Visa Business Card can be used once Host one of the best rosters in the bonus category. Earn 3% unlimited cash back anytime on gas and EV charging stations, office supply stores, mobile operators and restaurant purchases without switching categories. Plus, get 5% back on prepaid hotel stays and car rentals booked through the U.S. Bank Travel Rewards Center.

      These are useful categories for a wide range of businesses, but you can take advantage of these reward opportunities. Whether your business keeps you out, even if you're driving for deliveries, passengers, rideshare apps, or anything else.


      • All four bonus categories are always active. No need to select, enable, or track separate categories.
      • We offer great categories for a variety of common business expenses, including the best unlimited annual bonuses. Round Reward Rates for Cellular Provider and EV Charging Purchases
      • Receive a $100 annual credit toward your business's recurring software subscriptions (11 months to software providers using the card) after making consecutive payments). These programs may include accounting software such as Freshbooks and Quickbooks, which are generally not eligible for bonus category rewards or annual credits.


      • The ability to pay off your purchase over time with interest-free monthly installments is great, but the monthly The fixed ExtendPay fee (up to 1.6% of the original plan amount) can be higher than the APR you expect.
      • Overlimit fees are rare these days as you have to actively opt-in for overlimit protection, but this is one of the remaining cards that charges an overlimit fee ($40). If he buys an item at a gas station, he can only get 3% cashback for transactions up to $200 at gas and EV charging stations, and only 1% cashback for anything above that.

      Who Audience: Especially if you keep track of your spending with an online subscription service like Quickbooks; Business owners who spend a lot of money on related expenses.

      People who need to skip >: People who travel a lot, take flights more often than they drive, or other employees or company drivers and small business owners who don't need the cost of a cell phone.

      Ink Business Premier℠ credit card: Startups and Great for Expenses

      Why We Chose It: The Ink Business Premier credit card covers expenses that typically don't fall into the bonus category, such as set-up fees, rent, and construction costs. Great for start-up businesses as it rewards every purchase, including 2% flat cash back with 2.5% back on purchases over $5,000. This card offers flexible spending limits to give you the spending power you need.


      • In a business card We offer one of the best flat rate cashback rates and a unique boost of 2.5% on bulk purchases of $5,000 or more.
      • Flex for Business does not require an on/off switch. This makes this card's flexible usage limit feature more convenient than competing cards.
      • It comes with great benefits like extensive travel coverage and probably the best cell phone protection you can get with a credit card.


      • The annual fee of $195 compares to similar cards unless you make multiple purchases of $5,000 or more each year. can be difficult to justify.
      • Unlike other Premium Chase cards, rewards cannot be increased.
      • Benefits cannot be pooled with other Chase Cards. This can be a deal breaker if you want to pair with other chase cards.

      Target Audience: Purchasing power and his 1 point Business owner who wants to cover all expenses with his card, or still unsure of recurring expenses case. Its 2.5% cashback rate and flexible spending limits are especially helpful for getting your business off the ground and other startup expenses.

      People to skip: Business owners who do not make a single purchase of $5,000 or more several times a year. Otherwise, the annual fee may be a little too high, so the rival Capital One Spark Cash Plus card may be a more cost-effective option.Pool rewards with other Chase cards So if you want to get the most value out of your hard-earned rewards for your travels, the Ink Business Unlimited® credit card may be a better flat rate alternative.

      Capital One Spark Cash Plus: Great for General Expenses

      Why We Chose It: Just like the Ink Business Premier card, Capital One Spark Cash Plus earns a flat, unlimited 2% cash back on all purchases. However, it is better suited for large spenders with a variety of common expenses than for those who make several large purchases of $5,000 or more. can be advantageous as a flat cash back business card for a wider range of spending.


      • This card has no preset spending limits. This means there are no traditional credit limits to withhold necessary expenses.
      • You have the option to automatically redeem your cashback on a set date
      • Spend at least $200,000 each year to unlock a $200 annual cash bonus that offsets the annual fee only. You can get


      • There is an annual fee of $150 and you must spend at least $625 monthly to offset your cashback.
      • Unlike other cards with flexible spending limits, this card has no payment options.
      • Annual cash bonuses are not reliable for offsetting annual bonuses as they can be difficult for the average consumer to obtain. Fees unless you continuously spend $200,000 or more annually
      • Who: A business owner with a simplified rewards experience and who can cash back all his expenses with his one credit card. People who spend a lot of money that traditional business card bonus categories may not cover, especially those who spend $200,000 or more each year.

      Who should skip it: Business owners with special expenses may get more cash back with bonus category cards. Modest consumers can also earn more rewards through no annual fee cash back cards such as Ink Business Unlimited and the Capital One Spark Cash Select – $500 Cash Bonus Card. The American Express Blue Business Cash™ card also has no annual fee, but also offers enhanced purchasing power features that allow you to spend more than your credit limit in a pinch, but with Capital One Spark Miles for Business. You will then earn flat-rate travel miles instead.

      Capital On Tap Business Credit Card: Low Rates and Fees

      Why We Chose: Capital on Tap business credit cards have the lowest rates and fees you'll find on a business card. There are no annual fees, foreign transaction fees, redemption fees, or even cash advance fees. Unfortunately, there are no introductory APR offers to curb interest. On the bright side, the ongoing interest rate is a floating APR of 9.99%, making him one of the lowest on the business card market.


      • In addition to its incredibly low interest rates and fees, even if you apply you will experience a hard credit pull or It doesn't affect your credit score.
      • High credit limits up to $50,000 provide above average purchasing power. This means you don't have to rely on potentially dangerous charge cards.
      • You can also earn unlimited his 1.5% cashback on all purchases.


      • Other business cards earn more cash back and similarly expanded purchasing power We can provide.
      • The interest accrued from paying for your purchase over time can quickly eat up the value of any rewards earned.
      • li>

      • Consider your credit profile carefully before applying if you may be able to take advantage of the floating APR of 34.99%, which is almost double the current average interest rate.
      • Besides fixed rewards and low rates and fees, we do not offer special additional benefits that compete with competitive card benefits.

      Who should apply: High creditworthiness, high purchasing power, flexibility to pay off purchases Business owners seeking rewards for general spending after settlement.

      People to skip

      : Business owners with low credit or who are primarily looking for points his card.

      Ink Business Preferred® Credit Cards: Great for Online Business

      Why I Chose This Card: The Ink Business Preferred Credit Card is one of the best travel business cards if you're on a tight budget, but with triple points, it offers great value for your daily business expenses. increase. Travel, Shipping, Social Media, Search Engine Advertising, Internet, Cable, Phone Services


      • With Ultimate Rewards Travel and redeem for travel, you can increase the value of your rewards by 25%. And with the right Chase transfer partner, you can add even more value.
      • This card offers great travel protection whenever you travel. Travel cancellation and interruption insurance.
      • We usually offer one of the best business card signup bonuses. You can now earn 100,000 points by spending $15,000 within the first 3 months.


      • Annual fee is $95, which is recovered by spending $212 or more per month on 3X category purchases can.
      • Unlike some competitive cards, there are no introductory APR offers to help maintain interest.
      • That he x3 bonus category does not include general business expenses such as office supply stores.

      Who should apply? Bonus categories can be used to accumulate substantial rewards. If you have other cashback Chase business cards, this card will be an excellent partner his card because of Chase's high redemption value for travel.

      Who to Skip: If your business relies on other expenses such as gas, restaurants, office supply stores, and other loyalty cards May offer good point value.

      Huntington Voice Business Credit Card℠: Perfect for Rent and Utilities

      Why We Picked You: The Huntington Voice Business Credit Card is available in one of 10 incredible select categories. Earn a very high 4% cash back (but earned as points) on Many of these options are not normally found in the bonus category. This means you can earn the highest reward rates available on major expenses like gas and groceries, in addition to special expenses like auto parts and service stores, discount stores and warehouse stores.

      The two selection categories available are rent and utilities, which are some of the largest day-to-day business expenses that typically do not earn more than 1% return.


      • This card offers probably the largest roster of categories of choices you can find. This includes travel and entertainment. gas stations; restaurants; grocery stores; utilities and rent; electronics, computer and camera stores. auto parts and service stores; discount stores and warehouse stores; Home center;
      • Relatively low fees with no annual fees or foreign transaction fees.
      • Because it is a World Elite Mastercard, it is widely accepted and may come with top-notch Mastercard benefits, but you should check with your card issuer to see if any benefits are included. there is.


      • In one category per quarter he can only get 4% cashback. This can limit the rewards you can earn compared to cards with multiple bonus categories.
      • Categories can only be rotated once per quarter, but with the Bank of America Business Advantage Customized Cash Card, categories can be rotated each month.
      • There are few perks other than the reward rate, such as annual credits for business expenses.

      Audience: Auto parts and service stores, discount and warehouse stores, rent and utility bills, and other specialty categories you won't find anywhere else. Business with various expenses, including; This means that this card can also serve as his second business card. This is only useful to cover special expenses that aren't as lucrative as the main reward categories, such as auto shop purchases, rent, utilities, etc.

      Who should skip: Business owners who want to earn travel rewards or get more rewards from a card with multiple bonus categories at once.

      American Express® Business Gold Card: Great for Airfare Awards


      : The American Express Business Gold card can be used for airfare purchased directly from the airline, advertising (radio, TV or online), gas stations, restaurants, delivery, some computer Earn valuable Amex Membership Rewards points on a variety of key business expenses from our US merchants, including: , hardware and software providers. Not only that, but he gets quadruple points in the two most-spending categories on that list. Points earned are worth 25% more when redeemed for airfare through the American Express Travel portal (up to 250,000 points per year).


      • This card also earns double points on trips booked through the American Express Travel portal.
      • There are no preset spending limits to keep your spending in check. And with Amex's Pay Over Time feature, you can rotate purchases as needed.
      • Although the travel insurance on this card is not as strong as other trips.


      • You only get 4x points. Your first $150,000 spent each year on bonus category purchases. After that he gets 1X points.
      • The $295 annual fee is a bit higher as other cards offer annual credit and other perks at such a high rate.
      • Periodically he may only get rewards from two specific categories, despite offering six possible categories. Your spending affects which costs earn him 4x the points. You cannot choose.

      Who Should Apply: Business Owners whose expenses lean toward travel-related expenses

      Who Should Skip: Business owners who prefer cash back and proactive categories — especially if it's hard to justify the $295 annual fee based on their spending habits.

      How to choose an expense credit card

      Which loyalty card is best for your business? , depends on several factors. Consider the following questions and select the correct one:

      • What is your biggest business expense?? It's important to choose a card in the category that matches what you spend the most money on. For example, if an office supply store can meet many of your business needs, you'll want a card that rewards purchases at those types of retail stores. If you have a low-cost, part-time business that sells goods online, you may need a card that offers discounts on internet service and shipping.

      However, if your biggest expenses don't fall into common bonus categories (website hosting, insurance payments, rent, etc.) or you don't want to juggle multiple credit cards, you'll need a flat-rate loyalty card. There are cases.

      • Do you travel a lot? Hmm. Business premium travel cards may include annual travel credits, complimentary airport lounge access, expedited airport security program credits, and even hotel and airline loyalty status. For these perks alone, some travel cards can be better value than cards that only give you cash back on your daily spending.

      Business hotel cards, such as the Hilton Honors American Express Business Card, and airlines, such as the United℠ Business Card, if you and your employees frequently fly certain airlines or stay at certain hotel brands We recommend that you consider a company card.

      • Where do you buy products for your business??A card that rewards office supplies to earn rewards on the products you need for your business is a reliable method of But if you don't need regular pens or printer ink, you have to think outside the box.

      For example, a grocery store or wholesale club category card might be a good choice if you need bakery ingredients; , cards that offer rewards for online purchases or home improvement stores are suitable.

      • Does the card offer valuable extras? If a card contains additional benefits that provide substantial value, depending on your business needs, it may be worth more than a similar card with a slightly higher rate of benefits.
      • Is your business a start-up? If the upfront costs are high, consider a card with sufficient purchasing power to cover your expenses without resorting to less cost-effective loans. We recommend offering a generous zero interest rate at the time of purchase so that you have enough flexibility to cover the cost. A higher denomination card may be required. This is because charge cards have no credit utilization to report.
      • Is the Annual Fee Worth It?? A premium business card might seem like a great value with plenty of credits and a high reward rate But if your business spending isn't enough to earn enough rewards, or if your spending doesn't match, your annual fee may be too much to offset.

      Be sure to do the math and compare the value you can expect to earn each year to the value you can get from another no annual fee card.


      Starting and maintaining a business can be difficult at times. But with the right business credit card, not only can you earn rewards and benefits that add value to your spending, but it can also give you financial flexibility when you need it most.

      To find the right card, start by looking at the biggest businesses. Check to see if they match your expenses, business card bonus categories or additional perks, and decide if you want to earn cash back or travel rewards. Expenses such as travel, office supply store purchases, selective advertising, telecommunications services, and shipping are the most common business expenses listed on business cards. If your primary spending doesn't fit into these categories, consider a flat-rate loyalty card.

      *Information regarding the Huntington Voice Business Credit Card℠ and the U.S. Bank Triple Cash Rewards Visa® Business Card is independently collected by Card details are not verified or approved by the card issuer.