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Wells Fargo Reflect® and Wells Fargo Active Cash® cards are It offers many benefits to consumers. One card offers one of the longest introductory periods with his APR of 0% for market purchases and balance transfers. The other offers a flat rewards program that is extremely flexible and easy to use and is what other cashback programs should aim for.To find out which card is right for you, check out Wells Fargo Reflect and Wells Fargo Active. Compare Cash side by side.

Main details

Card Wells Fargo Reflect Wells Fargo Active Cache
Welcome Bonus N/A $200 Cash Reward Bonus after spending $1,000 within the first 3 months
Reward rate N/A Unlimited 2% cash reward on purchase
Introduction APR 0% for 18 months from account opening (3 months introductory APR extension with minimum on-time payment during introductory period) Purchases and eligible balance transfers (then 17.24% to 29.24% variable APR) 0% purchases and eligible balance transfers for 15 months (then 19.24%, 24.24%, or 29.24% variable APR)
Annual Fee $0 $0

Highlights of Wells Fargo Reflect and Wells Fargo Active Cash

Wells Fargo Reflect and Wells Fargo Active Cash have significant advantages, but there are also significant differences between the two. Some of the main features are compared below.

Welcome Bonus Winner: Wells Fargo Active Cash

Reflect does not offer a welcome bonus, but Active Cash users get a $200 Cash Rewards bonus when they spend $1,000 within 3 months of account opening. This is a pretty standard welcome offer for a no annual fee card.

Reward Rate Winner: Wells Fargo Active Cash

The Active Cash card offers unlimited flat 2% cash rewards on purchases. There are no rotations or bonus categories to remember or catch up on. Reflect, on the other hand, does not offer rewards of any kind. Wells Fargo Active Cash is a better choice if you are looking for cash rewards.

Annual fee winner: Tie

Both cards have no annual fee

Foreign transaction fee winner: Tie

Intro APR Winner: Wells Fargo Reflect

Reflect includes an initial APR of 0% for 18 months from account opening and eligible balance transfer at the time of purchase (then fluctuating APR from 17.24% to 29.24%). Compared to other top 0% APR cards, this alone takes a significant amount of time. However, if you make a minimum payment on time during the trial period, the 0% annual trial interest rate will be extended for up to 3 months, for a total of up to 21 months. This is one of the longest trial periods currently offered. This gives you more time and flexibility to pay for large purchases or pay off debts without incurring large amounts of interest.

Reflect wins in this category, but don't miss the Active Cash introductory offer. With this card, you receive 0% first-year APR on purchases and eligible balance transfers for the first 15 months of account opening (then 19.24%, 24.24%, or 29.24% variable APR ). Make a big purchase or pay off a credit card debt.

Which card earns more?

It is helpful to consider your personal spending needs when comparing credit cards. Let's take an example of how he makes a $1,000 purchase using either card within the first month of opening an account.

Examples of Wells Fargo Reflect and Wells Fargo Active Cash spending

Reflect does not offer rewards, but up to 21 months with a $1,000 purchase in the first month to complete the payment. You can buy without incurring interest (and then pay a variable APR ranging from 17.24% to 29.24%). In this scenario, you can split your payment into smaller increments of about $48 per month.

With Active Cash, you get a flat 2% cash back on the same $1,000 purchase. This equates to a $20 reward. Plus, the purchase was made within his first three months of account opening, so you'll get a welcome offer of $200 cash rewards. Also, his 0% initial APR period of 15 months is still available. After 15 months, the remaining balance will be subject to a variable APR of 19.24%, 24.24% or 29.24%.

Think twice about why you should buy Wells Fargo?

Introducing up to 21-month purchases and eligible balance transfers APR is enough to get some serious attention. However, Reflect has some other notable advantages.

Other Benefits

  • Competitive Regular APRAfter the 0% initial APR offer expires, the current floating rate is between 17.24% and 29.24%, which could be a lower rate option if the credit quality is very high.
  • Phone protection. Pay your cell phone bill with your Reflect card and get covered cell phone coverage against theft or damage. You can receive up to $600 in compensation per claim and can file up to two claims per year.
  • My Wells Fargo Deals.Earn cash back by activating limited-time offers at select merchants. For example, at stores like Starbucks, he can earn 10% cashback when he uses his Reflect card to make purchases.
  • Visa Benefits.This card includes Visa Traditional benefits. This means you have access to urgent cash payments and card replacements. You also get 24/7 pay-as-you-go roadside assistance.

Redemption Options

There are currently no redemptions as no rewards program is in place. Options available with this card.

Recommended Credit Score

A good to excellent credit score (670 to 850) is recommended for approval.


Why Get Wells Fargo Active Cash

Flat Cash Back Rates Are Attractive. No confusing promotional periods, category activations, or different reward rates for different categories. While this may be enough to justify signing up, there are other reasons why Wells Fargo Active Cash is a smart choice.

Other Benefits

Reflect also applies to Active Cash cardholders. You get the same phone protection coverage and access to My Wells Fargo Deals. You'll also have access to Visa Signature benefits, including Visa Traditional benefits, as well as Visa Signature concierge services, benefits at The Luxury Hotel Collection properties, and more.

The normal floating APR for Active Cash is 19.24%, 24.24% or 29.24%. This is less than Reflect's variable APR, but still competitive in the market.

Redemption Options

Another perk of Active Cash is the variety of redemption options. Once you earn cash rewards, you can redeem them in multiple ways, including:

  • Statement Credit
  • Cash at Wells Fargo ATMs in $20 increments
  • To a Wells Fargo checking or savings account Direct Deposits
  • Gift Cards
  • Travel with Wells Fargo Rewards (including flights, car rentals and hotel stays)

Recommended Credit Score

Similar to Reflect, you must have a good or good credit score (670-850) to be considered for approval.

The Bottom Line

If your goal is to pay off high-interest credit card debt, or if you have made a large purchase and know you will need to pay it off over time. If so, look no further than the Wells Fargo Reflect. Paying off debt can be a game changer for your finances. You may not get cash back or points, but this card can help you reach your long-term financial goals.

Wells Fargo Active Cash is worth considering for a flat rate cash rewards program. Few reward programs are as easy and flexible as this one. If you like the idea of ​​using your credit card for everyday purchases, you can earn flat cash rewards at great rates. Make sure to pay your balance in full each month to truly enjoy the rewards you earn.